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How to Choose Eyeglasses?

1. Have Your Prescription Ready
You will need a valid prescription for glasses from your optometrist in order to purchase eyeglasses online.
2. Select Your Frame
Choosing your desired frame from our website. Simply use our menu options to choose your desired shape or style.



3. Choose Your Lenses and Submit Your Prescription
Once you’ve chosen a frame, click the “Select” button to choose your lens selection and any additions you may want to make on your lenses like UV coating,  Anti-reflective coating,  tinting coating and so on.

You can easily submit your prescription on the order form provided or you can send it to our e-mail 


4. Add to Cart and Complete Your Order
After submitting your prescription, double check your order to make sure your prescription is correct – then add your order to the cart. Then proceed to check out where you’ll enter your billing and shipping information. Once you’ve completed your order, you can check the completed order at "MY ORDERS" line.