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Return and Refund


Wherelight strives to offer quality glasses. Our manufacturers take their time fulfilling orders, and our Quality Assurance team tests each and every pair of glasses before they are sent to our customers. This is to help ensure that products being shipped match our expectations of quality, reliability, and durability. We want all of our glasses to last, function, and look good! 


In the unfortunate event that your glasses arrive broken, please e-mail your country representative within 15 days of receiving your glasses. A picture of any damage will need to be included in this email to us. We will replace the broken pair for you at no additional charge. If your package shows delivered, but you have not received your order, please contact the local post office and provide us with an official statement shows that the package is missing, then we will check and offer a remake accordingly.


It is important that customers use the information provided about each pair, in order to make an informed decision before ordering glasses. Measurements are provided for all the glasses we offer, so that customers can compare sizing, and pick frames that will fit their respective faces. In some cases however, minor adjustments may need to be made once frames arrive. These adjustments can be completed by many local glasses retailers. 


At this time, we are unable to accept returns for glasses customers feel are not a "good fit". We are proud to offer free and reasonable shipping to all of our customers, but we are unable to cover the cost for return shipping. Should you chose to return your glasses, you will be responsible for the cost of postage back to us. This cost often amounts to the same, if not more than, the cost of the glasses being sent back. Prescribed glasses will receive a refund of 50% their original cost due to manufacturing error. 


Please note the following:Make sure you are confident with your purchase before committing! Our customer service representatives are more than happy to help you, should the need for help arise. Some tips to ensuring you've made the right decision:- Try on different styles of frames at a local glasses supplier, to narrow down the types of frames you feel look best on you. Some of our frames offer a virtual "Try On" feature. Simply upload a picture of yourself, and see how different frames will look on you.


- Measure an existing pair of glasses that fit you well. Use these measurements to compare them to frames on our website. This will help pick frames that fit your face.- Pay attention to the materials used for a pair of glasses. We offer frames with varying materials used, from plastics to metals, and even wood! Be aware of the materials you are looking for in a pair of glasses.- Make sure you understand your prescription information, so that you are entering the details correctly. If you feel you are unable to assess what information goes where, send a copy of your prescription to a customer services representative, and we will help you fill out your order. 


- Check, double check, and triple check all information before submitting and paying for your order. 

Our customer service representatives are here for you! We will work together with you to come up with the best solution to fit your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us about anything regarding your order.


Wherelight staff