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Glued to a Screen?
If you have symptoms for eyes strain, headache and sleep disruption; these blue light filter lenses could greatly help with this.
Progressive Lens
The progressive additional lenses which usually also called as no-line or varifocal lens, they estimate the lines of bifocal and trifocal, and its profile is quite complex.
Sally Jane Salter
It was love at first sight! I adore these frames. I usually have the bad luck of choosing ill fitting frames but these fit perfectly (did not slide down face) and I immediately took them over to the optician to have them fitted with my prescription.
Yiashira Nieves
These are fantastic! I had no idea how good they would look until I actually tried them on and was delighted to find that they fit me perfectly! I plan on getting the lenses traded with my prescription so that I can actually have a functional reason to wear them since they're so cute!
I saw a person walking across the street wearing glasses similar, and thought they were really stylish. Instead of buying expensive ones for no use I figured I'd buy affordable ones. I get compliments on them all the time! Lost them, but totally worth it.
I normally prefer smaller frames for my face, but these were great and different from what I normally prefer to see on myself. I'm glad I got them because I have gotten at least one compliment per day that I've worn them and they get attention without overpowering my face.